Sarah Price

Full-stack Designer and Writer

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Design isn’t just about making aesthetically pleasing materials, it’s about forming relationships to help you succeed.

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My philosophy is that design is a lot of things, including front-end development, writing, and marketing. It also involves psychology, history, research, and social connections. When we create good design, everyone benefits from better communication and relationships.

My passion is using all those four areas and more to help you succeed so that you can help others succeed as well. I love using design to build up our communities as well so if you’re a non-profit, I’d love to work with you. I love seeing other women succeed, so if you’re a woman owned business, I’d love to help. I’d also love to support other minority-owned businesses.

I graduated from Grand View University with a BA in Graphic Journalism and minors in Interactive Media and English. I currently work full time at Coaching Actuaries as a front-end developer and part-time as a pet sitter.

In the past I was involved with several leadership positions at my university, I was a part of the board of AIGA Iowa, I’ve been published in three editions of a literary magazine, was the editor-in-chief one year, and published my own collection of short stories. And I traveled to Japan in July 2016 to conduct research for a novel.

I’m a huge fan of the book publishing industry, journalism, history, UX and UI design and research, and social design. I love to learn more about these areas and chat about them. As well as dogs and Japan, I will talk your ear off about those two subjects.

In my free time, I’m writing novels, designing book covers, reading, practicing kendo and archery, blogging, bookbinding, stargazing, volunteering, babysitting dogs and other pets, and designing jewelry.