Sarah Price

Full-stack Designer and Writer

+1 (952) 222 8327

Broken Arrow Wear- Web Development

Type: Internship/Full-time

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At Broken Arrow Wear, I helped with implementing new page designs that the web designer gave me using HTML and CSS. 

I also helped put banners in place and put in new products pages like the one shown below. 

After I came on full-time, I started learning SEO and helped write content for some of the page descriptions. 

I used a product management software called Inksoft to help manage the products where I would make sure that they appeared in our design software (show below). I would also make sure that if there were other sides, that the sleeves and back would be editable as well. If there were other colors, I'd add that too. Often times, if a product wasn't showing up it would be because a color was inactive or the proper location wasn't selected.