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Love Since Jewelry Website

Website Design and Development (Ux and UI)

Type: Create a full working website- Student Project

For my final Interactive Media class, we were given the task of building out a website. Our task list looked like this:

  1. Come up with idea and get approval

  2. Create sketches, a moodboard, research and personas

  3. Mockup design in Photoshop

  4. Create a working Prototype, present, and review feedback

  5. Code website using HTML, CSS, and PHP

  6. Download Wordpress theme to modify

  7. Upload onto the server

  8. Conduct user testing with three people outside class

  9. Revise website

  10. Present to class

Style Guide

Inspiration: Simplicity and elegance that shows off the Jewelry.

Click below for a closer look.


Click below for a closer look.

Photoshop Mock-ups

Click below for a closer look.


The project turned out alright. We encountered some hiccups as we got deeper into coding. As it turned out, we were supposed to pull the code from Photoshop into Dreamweaver and that did not work. Then, we couldn't download the server onto the school computers (firewalls), so we had to take turns using our teacher's computer or our own. Then we had to modify our Wordpress theme and that was interesting.... Finally, we kinda got it working. Kinda. 

Let's just say it's still a work in progress.