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Logo Design Spreads

My senior year of college we had to create some fake company logos that we would compare with some already known brands in different categories. For the assignment, we researched these companies and industries and we also had to pick three logos we had previously made that we enjoyed.


My Three Previous Logos

lgos 4.PNG

Logo 1

I designed my first personal logo based around my initials. I edited some fonts I had found in order to make it so that the S and the P flow together. I wanted to also create it in black and white so that I can put the logo on anything I want.

logos 2.PNG

Logo 2

This logo I made for a branding project. It’s based on Lady Saigo’s family crest from historical Japan. The purple stands for royalty and I added a little flair to it.

logos 3.PNG

Logo 3

This logo I made for a broadside project. The G and W stand for “Glassware” but the G also sits inside the W to make a bowl.


“Competitor” Research

Part of the project involved doing research on some real companies that our imagined companies would compete against. Based on this, I gathered ideas that would make sense for the logos.

Screenshot (178).png
Screenshot (179).png



Final Designs

Other Logos.PNG