Sarah Price

graphic designer, writer, developer

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Creative Writing

Published Works

Published short stories in the Bifrost Literary Journal in 2015, 2016, and my own edition in 2017.

Published a collection of short stories, Miss Direction, in April 2016. Based on Japanese mythology and history. 

unfinished novels and Short stories

The Messengers

Currently working on a YA novel series called the Messengers. The first book, Sword of Clouds, was finished in its first draft at 75,000 words. Currently editing. The other two books will be Jewel of Desire and Mirror of Wisdom. Based off of Japanese mythology, history, and culture.

I came up with a concept to market the book using ideas for swag, like bookmarks, postcards, plushies, origami, keychains, and necklaces.

A hand painted watercolor map of the world the story takes place in. The map design is based off of Edo period style maps, with the names of cities and countries written in Hiragana.


A Star so Dark/ A Star so Bright 

YA novels, science fiction and fantasy. 

Beautiful Manipulation

NA novel, science fiction

Those Crazy Years

YA novel, historical fantasy

Renascence of the Butterfly

NA novel, historical fantasy

Based off of Aztec mythology and culture


YA novel, historical fantasy

Based off of Incan mythology and culture