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October Wedding Invites 2018

One of my friends asked me to design her wedding invites last year and since she was getting married in October, she wanted to have a fall themed invites and RSVP.

The Invite


For the invite, my friend wanted a very fall-ish theme. And we went with lanterns and leaves to set the mood. My friend’s mother really wanted the lantern and they never explained why, but I think it makes the invite stand out from other invitations.

For the text itself, I used a sans serif font and paired it with a cursive script for their names. I put the address of the reception underneath the lantern.

For this image, I used a photo of the lantern I found via Unsplash and then another of the leaves. For the leaves, I traced them out and positioned them so they looked like they fell around the lantern.


For the RSVP, I knew that my friend has a very sassy personality. She loves snarky jokes so I wanted to make the RSVP a reflection of that.

I looked on Pinterest for inspiration as I had seen similar ideas and found another image via Unsplash that matched the fall theme and dark color scheme of the invite.

Although looking at the image below, you can tell that it’s a little dark to write normally on the card. I included a faded out space above the lines although when we went to the printer, they printed it out too dark to make any difference.

As my friend would tell you, get a good printer for your wedding.

After several back and forth, my friend loved how the cards turned out and she says they got a lot of compliments from other people at the wedding.

I was glad I was able to help out my friend for her wedding and make cards that are unique from lots of other cards I see for wedding invites.