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Graphic Design History Coursework Pt. 1

Recently I took a course on a part in Graphic Design history. I was really exciting to see graphic design history classes online because I never got to take a class on it in college. I picked this one to study because it sounded interesting and I hadn’t heard of it before. Although since watching the video, I’ve been seeing it mentioned now more.


Personally, I think that I can see influences of the movement throughout our society today. The idea that we should have craftsmen who rely on less machinery and a focus on well designed, handmade items that involve small businesses and less mass produced items, makes me think of Etsy. And how there is a growing trend towards shopping ‘small’ and local.  

I have seen especially of recently, that people really love something handmade and are willing to pay a higher price for something made locally or handmade versus a mass produced item. People want to have unique items, even if it’s flawed, rather then something everyone else has. And I see more bigger stores try to cater to this. I see a lot of grocery stores especially that are trying to advertise small batches of products at a premium.  

And with the rise of technology ever more present in our lives, I think we are going to continue to see influences of this. People will continue to gravitate towards more personalized products and a lot of companies I believe who can sell that will grow.